Choosing The Right Bunk Beds With Stairs For Your Children

bunk beds with stairs for children
bunk beds with stairs for children

The need to conserve and acquire an extra resting place over the years within the household has always been of greater concern. This however sometimes may not be possible considering the limited space especially in the rentals and space consumed by children and visitors bedding’s.

Using of steps in beds is an idea that generally aims in conserving space within the household by simply cutting down the number of bedding’s within a house. The stepped bunked is a representation of two or more beds that are sandwiched together on top of each other and using steps as the sole medium  to access the upper beds. The bedding’s are then spread between the bunks.

Though initially targeted younger children and toddlers there has also been a remarkable increase in sales of adult beds as well. Currently, they are available in all type of materials, colors, shapes, designs and prices -as always price is always subject to creativity and design. There are number of reasons why the product is particularly a good performer. Some of the attributes has found their way below.
Appearance, layout and design

These are set of high quality hardwood beds which are mainly decorated in white or chestnut finishes. Unlike other beds, these beds can easily be redesigned to acquire a matrix configuration. On the underside of the bed are set of storage drawers that can always be expanded for maximum storage. They are available as either stacked or L-shaped bunk beds which can be arranged to cater for up to quadruple bunk beds.


These bed types usually come with four pillars each located at the bed’s corner. These pillars offer support to the upper bank. The stairs – which are normally of varying colors – are bought alongside the bunk as a separate entity and once the bunks are joined it is placed on either side of bed where one will deem appropriate.


Since they are generally made for young and growing children, the following should be in mind before purchase:
Height and bunks space

In consideration to the playful nature of many children the space between the bunks should make it possible for children to move freely without hunching their heads throughout their playful life, the same should also apply for adults. The space from the bed to the ceiling should also be plausible to prevent toddlers from playing with lights or fans -this makes it possible to avoid accidents.
Ability to separate

The ability of a bunk to separate acts as an added advantage as it facilitate easy movement. In case a life takes a new turn one will be free to enjoy the services of a single bed.

Though limited by financial status, a sizable bedding’s space is always considered appropriate for resting. in the case of durable beds it will always be there at all the times.
Trundle bed not only increase space but also serves as an additional storage medium by simply turning the nether region of a bunk bed into a drawer. .