How Incredible And Delightful Designs of Car Bed For Boys

Car bed for boys. Designing a boys room with a particular theme, is not difficult. Since he was a toddler, boys own pleasure, especially with the theme of the car. Boy obsessed with the car as much as girls are obsessed with fairies and princesses. The room design boys car theme can be designed to create a car-shaped bed. Here are some examples of bed boys with that theme.

Champion Racer Bunk Bed with mattresses
Champion Racer Bunk Bed with mattresses

Comfortable beds are compulsory given by parents to their children. Comfort beds for children will be positive impression to children, especially children who are just starting to sleep alone in his private room. For convenience and to make our children happy with his room, you can give the child a bed you like, for boys, for example we put the bed-shaped car. The following examples are car-shaped beds that can be your inspiration for your child later.

Large car-shaped bed

Car Shape for Bunk Bed Kids Models
Car Shape for Bunk Bed Kids Models

Car rally as the bed will look very handsome and unusually for boys you. This design can give a room atmosphere is cool and manly.

Black racing car bed

Stickers turbo cool in this racing car-shaped bed, giving the appearance of an authentic and very interesting. Your child will surely feel happy occupy the rooms cool.

Blue car bed

Blue Car design for Kids Bunk Beds
Blue Car design for Kids Bunk Beds


Very cool and almost close to real designs. Blue car looks very elegant, cool and amazing for a boy.

Blue racing car bed

The blue color that looks very macho coupled with sticker racing in this race car bed, really presents an incredible atmosphere in the room.

Car bed for toddlers

magnificent kids room with cool red car themes bunk beds
magnificent kids room with cool red car themes bunk beds

The blue color is softer but still strengthen the atmosphere of the room of a boy. It is suitable for rooms of your son who has become a toddler.

Cool car-shaped beds for boys

creative bunk beds with car shaped
creative bunk beds with car shaped


One other example of the bed with the inspiration of a rally car. Looks very manly so that your children can confidently be a formidable man. It is suitable as a car bed for boys.

Bed roll out cool for boys

colorful kids bedroom bunk beds for boys
colorful kids bedroom bunk beds for boys


Have twin boys? Or the two boys? The bed is very suitable for those who have the same room.

Ferrari bed

boys bedroom car themes ideas with ferrari car bunkbed
boys bedroom car themes ideas with ferrari car bunkbed


Most of the boys must have longed to have a car as cool ferrari. Bed in the room as attractive as this could be one of the goals for your child.

Formula car bed for children Men

Just like ferrari, formula car has become one of the boys obsession. Put this bed in his room and adjust the atmosphere of the room so that it looks amazing.

Car bed for boys

One more example of the bed to the shape of a race car is car bed for boys. The green color combined with cool stickers, giving the design a bed with a form of a racing car that is quite unique.

Inspiration bed of hot wheels cars

This fast car is the perfect choice to serve as your child’s bed bag. In addition to look macho, rooms with beds like this will be more easily designed with appropriate force.

Race car bed

Simple, but still cool. 2 color plain between the beds and bed sheets provide a fun car.

Sport car bed

This festive design could be creating an atmosphere more interesting and creative look. Your child will definitely be happy to sleep in a car like this.

Bed turbo car

Design of this bed is so perfect and amazing. real looks like a white car, but the car was just a bed inspired by the turbo cars cool.

Turbo F1 car bed

Create a child’s room cool and looked festive with turbo F1 car shaped bed. The red color of the sticker along with others, is able to be a bed of unique and cool.

Cars theme decoration

kid bedroom present bunk bed with car theme
kid bedroom present bunk bed with car theme


Boys really like and identical with toy cars, one of which is a racing car. Nuance on the race car race with a lot of fast cars are cool with bright colors. Room design ideas boys race car theme that we can take the first step as a material to make room design our children, and certainly the children will feel happy. That they have the racing cars that are in his room, car beds for boys are cool.

To bed could we chose a bed shaped red Ferrari cars, and the use of colors for the pillow case and bed cover we can use a combination of blue and red and in addition to the bed we can put a table. Then on top of it we can form some sort Make a pit stop. sleeping place before we put down as the car is being parked, then to the top of the can we functioned as a place to play, if your child invite friends to play at home can play place is.

The shape of the building pit stop on our way up the ladder on the side that give each under the stairs can we give a drawer to store toys or personal effects of the child. At the top of the play we make windows and on the roof can we give the nameplate, in addition we can also display accessories steering wheel and some flags such as those in formula car racing event.

In addition we can add accessories such as candy dispenser shaped like a fuel hose in refueling. Then we can add a table to put lights and put pictures of children while on vacation or attend outdoor activities. and beside us put couches that children comfortable sofa seating was while play or read a favorite book. On the ceiling of rooms, can we can paint with blue and given a few images of thin clouds and install the lights are hung, then we give the floor section gingham squares.

So well, that’s all we can share and also discuss about how really amazing, and delightful designs and decoration of car bed for beds and the themes. We hope you can find some ideas and also inspiration through this short article. Thanks a lot.

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