Awesome Cat Bunk Beds to Those Have Many Cats

Cat bunk beds. We often think that cats are animals that are free that does not need much care. But Anyway, it is important for them to rest and sleep, Because they need to grow up healthy and well. Like humans, cats also need a comfortable place to rest. Cats sleep between 12 and 14 hours a day. Here we want our cats to feel like one of the family and has all the cats need for comfort. Moreover, in here, you can find all kinds of accessories for your cat, either a cat or a dog. Inspired by the best experts! Although there are many models and designs of bed cats in the market, we also can make one ourselves. Taking advantage of materials that can be discussed in the home such as old clothes or bags.

Cat bunk beds with old suitcases
Cat bunk beds with old suitcases

Once there, some clever cat owners have already started hacking IKEA furniture and make the paint bunk bed. No, we are not talking about pillows and mattress applications standards that we give to the cat and called sleep. We’re talking about the actual wood bed frames and mattresses sized cat. Literal sleeping cat. We can see clues us in on the trend, which basically involves taking advantage IKEA furniture doll (why we do not think of it!) And also repurposing it. But there is one thing that you should know. Some people use the back so hard that they had turned them over to the cat bunk bed to bed. Just take a minute and processes: bed cat bed.

ikea duktig bed hack cat bed
ikea duktig bed hack cat bed

We started wondering, waiting, cat toward the bunk beds? Other people have to think about the concept of this magnificent doll even outside IKEA furniture? You can turn to the Internet for answers and the Internet did not disappoint us. Cat bunk beds are the case number. So please, indulge us in some cats find photos stacked and ready for sleepovers.

Build cat bunk bed from IKEA

You may have seen some photos of TCAT bunk bed adorable online and you also wonder where they came from. They actually sold as a “bed doll” at IKEA! Technically IKEA does not sell furniture to the actual cat, but it’s hard to deny how cute your cat will look at one small bed.

There are some customers who buy one of IKEA DUKTIG doll’s bed on a whim after a friend had one, and they really go back to IKEA just days later to get a second one. With two larger than a cat with an average size, at home there will be no sharing. After seeing some of the photos, of people who have two (or three) this cat bunk beds are small, we know you have to do the same.

ikea duktig bunkbed for your cats
ikea duktig bunkbed for your cats

You do not need to be a professional or have special tools to do this project, only a screwdriver or a drill with type 2 x pre-assembled IKEA DUKTIG doll beds, 16 x wood screws, and also 2 x 4 “x7 / 8” fixing plate.


-Remove the board from the bottom of the bed, and you can set them on their side. Line up the posts and you can put a plate patch that is evenly distributed on both sides of the post.

-Attach a fixing plate design for each post. You can stand up mine just to make sure everything looks right and true.

-Tip bunk bed to the side again and attached two plates patch to the upper bunk. Make sure they are centered!

-Be careful with the flip bunk bed, now attached only on one side so that they are somewhat fragile. When you submit them, you will probably see that many parts are not lined up right. Do not worry, you can screw end and will fix it.

-In the left you can see how the post before the last section and two fixing plates attached. You just push them gently into place first.

-You will find very Sturdy attachment design, and because the plates will fix attached to the interior they do not reduce the overall appearance of the cat bunk beds. Now all you have to do is decorate decorating.

In addition you get a referral about the design and assembly of IKEA, you can also Obtain some inspiration from IKEA as well. As we know that IKEA is not actually provide furniture for animals, but bunk beds for cats may be an exception. And then, if you at least have six cats in the house, You do not need to apply to Reviews their beds 6, you can apply bunk beds. While it designs in many markets is not much and maybe too expensive, you can do a project like the one above.

cat bunk beds with 3 sections bed
cat bunk beds with 3 sections bed

Design bunk bed for the cat may seem a bit juvenile, but the bunk beds are all the rage for those young professionals with the cost of living may be high. Chester and Conrad shared a one-bedroom apartment in New York City’s Lower East Side, but they maximize their space for a cat with a stackable mattress. “There is no way they can buy a two-bedroom for cats,” said Shelly Tegan, one of the residents in the same building. “Not in this neighborhood anyway.”

There are some designs you may require. If you need a simple design with low cost, you can see the projects that we just live, but if you want a design that is more funny and also more challenging. You can see them at Amazon or too Wayfair. For the design, depending on the type of cat like what you got. If the cat the kind that is active, you can add some furniture in a bunk bed, find also a challenging design with application caves and tunnels in the bunk bed, for cat reserved, you can apply a bunk bed that is comfortable and luxurious.

But remember one thing that the bunk bed is not intended for kittens and cats who are in trouble with the ankle. So, that’s all we can share and discuss about how really awesome cat bunk beds and built them from IKEA dolls. Thanks.

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