Four Things To Look For When Choosing A Full-Size Bunk Bed

Full-size bunk beds are some of the best and sturdiest beds in the market. They make up the most popular type of bunk beds. Full size bunk beds tend to cost more than most other types because they are larger and firmer. It’s not always recommended for adults to share a bunk bed. That’s because they become too tight at the hinges. However, it’s still possible because the full size beds are spacious and sturdy. There are a number of things to look out for when shopping for a full size bunk bed.

1. Bunk Bed Size.

Full size bunk beds simply means that the lower bunk and the upper bunk are twin- sized as well as the trundle, if it’s fitted. When it comes to full-size bunk beds, there are close to six different sizes. There is the twin bed. There is also the extra-long twin, and the full. The smallest full-size bunk beds measure about 39×75. There are also larger full-size bunk beds measuring up to 54×75. You can also have twin long over full, twin over full, as well as, full over full.

2. Full Size Bunk Bed Features.

A typical full size bunk bed can be minimalist or artsy depending onyour preference and the person using it. As a standard measure all full-size bunk beds have a built in ladder. There are also guardrails fitted partially or all around the upper bunk bed. Some full-size bunk beds are equipped with storage under the lower bunk. If you are environmentally conscious, you can request for the eco-friendly type. The other features include trundles, bookcases, tent, distressed finish, detachable bed rails, stairs, slide, etc.

3. Bed Design

Full size bunk beds just like many other types of bunk beds comes in lots of designs. The carpentry skill involved can yield lots of designs including customized models. The most common models are the slats, the panels and the platforms. The other models include the sleigh car, the convertible toddler beds, the captain, the canopy four poster. The slats and the panels are the most common models among them.

4. Full-size bunk bed Materials

In recent years the primary focus has been on generating eco-friendly designs for items and a major focus has been on recycling. The manufacture of beds tends to rely primary on solid wood, a model that is continually discouraged to save trees, and the environment. Most full sized bunk beds are made from five primary materials. That is metal, solid wood, upholstered plastic, manufactured wood, and wrought iron. Most of these beds are themed as cars, fire trucks, construction or even sports princess boats primarily geared towards kids and toddlers.

Conclusion. Full-size bunk beds can fit up to four children or two adults. When making a choice you have to consider the size, material, features and design. The other major things to look out for include certifications. There are about seven different associations that certify the brands which produce full-size bunk beds. Lastly, choose a good finishing that matches your bedroom. The full-size bunk beds come in about 18 different color finishes. Armed with this knowledge on bunk beds you’ll be able to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.