Smart And Unique Lockers For Kids Rooms

Lockers for kids rooms. Looking for a fun and unique also for keeping your kids to store books, games, toys and other equipment with a neat and well organized and you want that in under budget? Consider buying lockers children are used as a great choice for a child’s school, day care love, kindergarten or in a sports-themed bedroom of your child, the family and the games room or a mud room. They are a size suitable for children and the children’s room and will be very pleasant with bright colors that can only make the children or the students become excited about keeping their things organized!

Kids Locker Bedroom Furniture
Kids Locker Bedroom Furniture

When you are designing a room of your children, one of the most important things that should be applied is the storage. You have to manage all the needs of your children, such as clothes and things without making the room look ugly. In addition, your child should be able to access all these things when he will grow up. Children’s locker, is the best among the objects of furniture that can help you to provide needs while decorating the room. They can accommodate a lot of clothing and other accessories. In addition, children’s lockers can also add a theme vintage, industrial touch to the interior of the children’s room. Here we have some ideas will help you to understand how cool lockers for use in children’s rooms.

There is also the type and model of the twin, very practical lockers in the hallway. It also consists of a section that allows you to sort and organize clothes your children from the outside. It also has a separate shelf for scarves and hats, clothes hangers, and also the lower most part, there is a shoe closet. timber bi-fold doors can be purchased at Lowes. Start by priming the door and lining them with two coats of semi gloss paint with gray. Wait 2-3 days before recording the line to give you lockers with vent line display. Do the painting on the black line and soon.

You might like the idea of locker-style rack in a mud room off the bedroom for the kids! You will do as the cork board backs though not! to hang a reminder, a picture or schedule.

Types of lockers for kids room

Home Twin Bunk Beds Lockers Kids
Home Twin Bunk Beds Lockers Kids


Simple unit 2 booth: This is a design for a small-sized lockers. There are two parts. If you do not have one wall in the bedroom again, you can also buy 2 smaller units and also placing it on a different wall. 5 units of booth: This is a design that is much larger lockers. There are five sections for family. Extra section also never bad, you will always be able to find something to keep in it. Lockers for kids room vs. adult-sized cubby lockers: If you have young children, you might prefer a storage unit with a size shorter so that your children can reach the latch. Children usually use the lockers height of 50.5 inches. Adult units usually about 69 inches in height.


Simple vs. Decor: There is a simplified version for the lockers and there are also more decorative options. You can choose what you think is best. The bench includes: Some mudroom lockers and included a bench at the bottom, which can be very useful as a place to sit when you put on shoes and a large hall for storage. Drawers and shelves: Some designs include a drawer or shelf at the top or bottom part or, they are really important for lockers for kids room.

contemporary full bunk beds with steel frame and simple locker
contemporary full bunk beds with steel frame and simple locker

Hooks: hook is also very important to hang coats and hats. You can easily add hooks to the amount you set yourself. Materials used: Much was made of wood, but you can find that is made of metal. We thought if it’s a house, wood lockers may be the best option. Metals will be redundant and a little institutional looking. Children (and adults) do not want to get an impression of high school in their home. shoe storage: This is super useful for those who have a choice of shoe storage with a small section at the bottom of the storage unit lockers.

Decorate your lockers

Blue Large Locker Bunk Bed in Bedroom
Blue Large Locker Bunk Bed in Bedroom


Lockers for kids room needs to decorate as well as you can especially for girls. lockers children you may be the only space in the bedroom which has its own space, so it’s natural that you want to decorate it. Most of lockers sized high and narrow which makes A You will be difficult to decorate, but there are little things you can do to decorate lockers lockers as your own child. Magnetic decoration works very well, because the locker is made of metal will fit with magnets. You can hang a mirror, a magnet that you have garnished, white boards, organizers hangable, etc. There are many ways to decorate your locker, just check below for some inspiring ideas.

Birds of a Feather Craft Locker Mirror

Add things which are fun, with a personal touch to lockers child with bird feathers mirror and dressing. Bird craft project that is exciting for your child and simple to do, you’ll want to make one for all the lockers.

Decorate Your Own Locker Mirror

Here is a craft that can send a message to support and help your child to get to the beginning of a proud, stylish and also very organized. This activity is great fun for the children, or for some of you do together because they are getting ready to go to school, and even better for a great back-to-house together!

Flower Power Locker

A locker pocket design which looks very cool and hold items as well, Awesome! This pocket is not everything and a simple design to make. Go to plan ahead and make some for your friends, you know they’ll want them

Locker bag

Instructions for your child to store extra stuff in style! bag-to-crafts easy to make with a base from which to comb, extra pens or markers, may be of additional mirrors and lockers they also make a little more like home.

So, that’s all we can share and also discuss about how awesome and smart lockers for kids room today and then with some ideas and models as well. Thanks a lot.

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