Very Wonderful And Excuted Pirate Ship Bed Decoration Ideas

Pirate ship bed decoration ideas. As a parent who’s attention with his son, of course implementation bedroom design ideas for boys will be important to be considered in order to provide a positive thing in children’s self. Variety selection of bedroom design boys sometimes make some parents do not know about what they should do. For this reason you need to find a way to organize and also determine the best concept for your children. One concept that can be used as an option for the design of the room boys are the theme of a bedroom with pirates bed.

pirate ship bunk bed decoration ideas with desk pirate ship bunk bed decoration ideas with trundle theme pirate ship bunk bed decoration ideas

Most children prefer football or princess to serve as the theme of their bedroom. so do not be surprised if we often see or even apply the theme to the bedrooms of children. Though not all children like it, because the different characteristics of each child .Therefore we must know what they like before us one step, or if you are difficult to pinpoint which what your child likes, you can apply the following themes.

Pirate ship bed, or more commonly known as the pirate theme bedroom. Oh yes, who does not know the One Piece and Pirates of the Caribbean? Yes that very popular tv series of all time with millions of viewers each week. with hundreds of films this episode very loved by with all circles from children, adolescents to adults. This film tells the story of a pirate is full of obstacles and love, so do not be surprised if it gets millions of viewers each week.

Many design pirates or pirates that you can apply for your child’s bedroom. Many things they can learn from start to shape up the color, not only was this theme of your child’s room looks different from usual bed.

design of the pirate ship bunk bed

The concept pirates have long been the choice of many parents to meet the needs of bedroom design boys their minimalist. The boy is always synonymous with the fierce and something challenging. Therefore, the design of the pirate can meet those needs. The interior of the room with these concepts can be included in a certain pirate group, but certainly with a touch that is more in line with the world of children. The important thing is not too complicated to show the quality of the interior. In addition to the concept of the interior, there are many other considerations.

Pirate ship bed, the first is the selection of colors for interior design concepts bedroom boys tend to be associated with the colors of the wood and the color a bit darker. Image of pirates are those who indulge in the dark side, and also the antagonist. Unlike the bedrooms of girls that include pink and calm, the boy with the concept of pirates will include colors that tend to be assertive. Walls can be given a plain white color but is included with input blue colors that represent the sea theme. If it is so, then the combination of wood color, blue, and plain white can be adjusted properly.

pirate ship bunk bed with walls plain white color

In addition to the color selection, the next thing that is very important note to apply a pirate theme in the room boys are accessories or decorative elements. Accessories can be a pirate flag with a skull in the eye that is characteristic of a pirate. The flag can be included on the wall of the wall of the room boys who want makeover. Some action figures can be included as well as long as it is not excessive. There was also a boy who liked the concept of pirate dolls that can provide further improvement to the design concept of the pirate accordance with the criteria of a person.

Selection bed cover for bedroom design boys tend to blue and the color of the wood. Pirate ship decor elements can also be included but require more funds than the general concept of the bed. Lighting for the room boy with pirate concept can be designed more dim so that adds to the concept of ferocious; however, such lamps is recommended for light sleep.

Decorate the room more pirates!

decorate pirate ship bunk bed decorate pirate ship bunk bed with desk decorate pirate ship loft bunk bed

After you select the great themes of the pirate ship bed, now is time to decorate the bedroom better. Preparing materials. You will need these materials for this project; rope, wooden chests and crates, PVC pipes, fabric, paint, sheet skin, horns, wall paper with the image of the ship as a design.

Clean help scrub the walls with a sponge and detergent company well. Removing the blinds and wash the windows too. Noting old posters and decorations.

Paint. The color of the entire wall with different shades of brown and blue. The blue color symbolizes the color of the sea while the brown color according to the color of the ship. Apply darker shade of blue at the bottom of the wall to give a view of the blue sea. Make a lighter color as you progress in the top of the wall paintings. Paint the window frames and sills mahogany brown. Slap a little worn effect by scraping some areas on the window sill. Including painting fish, octopus, mussels, and chest with treasure in it and aquatic plants.

Closing the window. Using a piece of skin to close the window, but leave a small portion is open. Antlers hanging by the window. If you can figure the parchment skin but if none is available, you can make use of plastic. You can buy these items from toy stores.

Screen.Binding secure them with rope at one end of the pole and tie the other end of the bedpost. Be careful however to bind tightly so that it will not collapse on the bed and cause a disruption in your child when she is sleeping. You may sew screens around the pole to make them more secure and firm.

Bringing out the old chest. Place some fake treasure like pearls, necklaces, gold cup and fake jewelry and ornaments. Placing the chest in one corner of the room. Installing a small spotlight on the wall and focus on the treasure chest.

So, that’s all we can share about the excited and wonderful pirate ship bed themes and how to decorate well today. Thanks a lot.

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